Thursday, August 11, 2005


It was minutes before 3 in the morning when I found my most comfortable position that drove me to sleep. As I was in ecstacy, I heard a very familiar sound --- the ring tone of my cell phone! Am I still dreaming? Hell no! Darn! I have to wake up? Close-eyed, my hand started to search my ever-disturbing gadget. Whoa! Wait! Where in the world is it? So, I opened my eyes, but it's still dark. I presumed it's still wee hours in the morning and everyone's still asleep. Krrriinngg... kkrrriiiiinnnnggg... S@#-! Where in the world is that?! God I really can't find it! I was getting sick of it when I remembered that I was on the third deck near the window. Huh? Could it be... Wait... I was already getting worried so I went downstairs and asked one of my boardmates who's always an early bird if he heard something fell on the roof. "Yes, I heard something. Sa bubong ba?" Damn it! My cell phone's on the roof and it's still ringing!!! And we have really close neighbors. the clock read 4:30 AM. Mixed emotions engulf me at the moment --- the irritable side, because I thought I could have a good rest since my class will start 5 in the afternoon; the worried side, for it's rainy season and the sky projects dark clouds and my cell phone might be washed by rain and be short circuited; and the embarassed side, which I think is justifiably implied.

I looked outside from my bed's view, but I still can't find it. I even used my boardmate's cell phone to trace where was it but I still can't find a lighting gadget. I was starting to get head-twisted on what shall I do! Imagine, it was early in the morning and my phone is out there unaware that he might die just in case the rain poured? Oh God!

And so I gathered a lot of courage and looked at the foor from my window's view again and searched where the hotpoint is, where I will start climbing to the roof.

And I did it. 4:15 in the early, damp morning and there I was, like an AKYAT BAHAY climbing the roof. Since our apartment is triplex, and our very own is in the center, I have to pass on one roof before reaching ours. I removed my slippers but still I created noise. To drive our neighbor's attention, and let their sleep continue, I mimicked the cry of a cat. When I reached our roof, I had to gie my phone a ring to find it for it's still dark. Surprisingly, and agitatedly, I can't find it. I reckon it's vibrating and I just followed the sound and the vibrations... and whalla! I found it concealed itself under the cover of the gutter and oh my... it's really close to falling to it. As I reached for it, I was laughing at myself. "This is embarassing, I said.

It was my time to go down --- a hard part again! I was close to fully reaching the end of the roof, when one of our neighbors lit their lights. So I mimicked the cat again and meow as good as I could.

As I reached the ground, I learned another lesson, I can be an effective member of the AKYAT-BAHAY GANG...

Friday, August 05, 2005

10 thousand +

Yells. Shouts. I never imagined I will be performing for 10 thousand plus audience!!! Yup! I performed in Araneta! Whew! What an experience!

It was late February when i heard of the auditions for the UAAP Season 68 Opening Ceremonies. and since I am already a fourth year engineering student, I don't have any plans of auditioning. Firstly, because of our projects, and secondly, I don't think I can handle such adrenalin rush again at the moment for we are in a hurry thinking what project will we propose. But I guess, God really gave me the chance to experience the fun of preparing and including myself for such a big event. I had a chance to audition!

April. I was finally casted as one of the performers. But I was not happy still. I will be disheartened and frustrated if I wont be able to nip a slot in the premiere dancers' circle. And so, I, together with my fellow hopefulls went to a series of auditions. If I can remember it right, we auditioned for at least a month, done every week plus workshops, for the choreographers to identify who's who and which is which. Auditions are tough! Nerve wracking! But every audition strengthens me. Then, the final audition for the final casting for the who's who and for the where's where occured. It was really nerve wracking!!! Imagining it was the final decision to complete and cast the premiere dancers! Whew! It's really a hell of courage for me to be good! Or else, i will be casted as one of the support group... And it was our turn. I just felt that my body's becoming numb. So i just jumped and jumped before the music went on. Pampam parampam... it was the start of the beat. And... pampam parampam it was the last eight. And stop! The audition piece has just finished. I looked at the choreographer's eyes. I told myself, "Mauze... it's the end..." And so, I went to the right side to join the less fortunate auditioners... But wait... is this true??? They are calling me... I was accepted!!! I was casted!!! Yeah baby, yeah!

June. It was officially a month before our much-awaited July 9. but I'm getting tired. I felt so energy-drained! I thought of quitting... I thought of giving up! But no. No. I told myself, "I don't want all my hardwork to go to trash because I'm tired! I still can go on!"

And so I did. It was less than a month before the much-awaited July 9 UAAP Season 68 Opening Ceremonies, when our Stage Managers and Director came to our school to put some final touches. It was the very first time I told myself that it was the real deal..."This is real!" 5:00, 6:00pm, to 10:00, 11:00 in the evening. Practice, practice, practice... and boom!!! It's July!!!

Days before July 9, Kyla came to rehearse with us in Araneta. It was by that time that I've realized what we do is something big... bigger that I expected!

July 9. 6:00 AM. Our call time in Araneta Coloseum. When the make-upwas applied in my face, when we were just inches from the performing area, and the cold breeze of air is filling our noses and blowing our hairs, my body felt something good --- something unusual... I never felt as excited as this before!

Then, the yelling and the screaming of the crowd begun. This is it! It's show time! Pampam parampam... it was our turn to perform... whew!

Yells. Shouts. Cheers. I never imagined I will be performing for 10 thousand plus so-excirted audience!!! Yup! I am now tasting the sweetness of hardwork --- I am performing in ARANETA!!!