Wednesday, September 03, 2008

a poem that i never published...

this is a poem that i wrote out of the heartaches and pain that the people around me feels...


Wind blew from the east
The night sky paints dark;
My window was shut at least
For the outside was ready to spark.

When the pattering of my crown dawned
An anonimity in me suddenly alighted;
Was it the accolade to the heavens?
Or just plain emptiness that was converged?

An abrupt shrill inside I found
Along with the thudding of the ground;
Akin to my translucent ardor
That became mud which I cannot ponder.

Now the rhythm of the rain stopped
Like everything I hoped to last
Must I want it to stay I failed...
I lost, I succeeded, I lost...

Like rain, it spatter it pours,
And after its height, it weakens...
It ends....