Wednesday, March 05, 2008

SQUID proxy

i am brushing to the keyboards again. and at this point i am writing as a technical guy. not the romanticist articulate guy that i used to impose before. well i think i will be blogging about more techy stuffs... especially now, i am becoming more it savvy...

well right now i am tryin to set up a squid server. and i was successful with the help of a lot of people, especially my partner Franklin, with much help from Reuel and Paolo. And yes, we were able to up the server! that's good. there's a downfall though, we are finding ways to cache FLV files in our precious SQUID proxy server!

we will be trying to do the configurations that we got from the very helpful google. and we are hopefuls that these configurations that we have works. because the recent configs didnt...

and i swear, i will be posting the complete configuration of the SQUID proxy server if we were successful doing it... but i just hope it will not take me 2 days more...

help... anyone?


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