Monday, December 05, 2005

A BLAST(insert punctuation mark)

I just went to Batangas last Saturday... and oh, it was a blast!!!

a blast!

a blast,

a blast.

a blast?

whew! kinda don't really know how to describe it. if only i could just search the real meaning of that "outing" for, it will be an easy task then and i guess i am not writing now here...

i guess i was engulfed with emotions that's why i can't really describe the feeling...


it's a blast!
yeah, i guess. for it was another time for me to socialize, be with people and have a good time... i really love that feeling of belongingness - the feeling is incapacitating my whole being that it accelerate the rush of blood in my system. in short, i feel happiness - a short time happiness though.but im not saying i am not happy. no. don't get me wrong. it was just the mere description of the feeling at that moment. ok? (chuckles...)

it's a blast,
it was! for i am really anticipating that i could experience it more. and i guess that mere 2 days are really incomplete to maim our (especially mine!) thoughts of our projects, schooling, and some other stuffs that are needed to be forgotten to be able to relax...

it's a blast.
just it! a blast. a not-so-special outing. know why? it was just really common. nothing extra-ordinary occured. (except for the moment we felt the rain rushing through our bodies while feeling the water of the sea... and it was made by nature, so it is still common...) we swam. we ate. we sang. and that's it.

the literal meaning of enjoyment

it's a blast?
why? huh! i just realized a lot of things. about life. about happiness. about the real meaning of education. about being in a relationship. about socializing. about people. about my behavior (which i think a behavior of all men).
i realized that life is just simple. and not only mine is. it's all of the creation of God. we are all living in a simple life! we eat, we drink, we breathe, we take a bath! and it's just a perpetual process.
i realized that whatever things that a man can do, if he don't see the happiness that is sometimes just in front of him, he won't see it. with that i saw that people are too blind to see happiness. they are reayy blinded by the physical things in life. Studying is not only a mean of acquiring money. it's a process that is to be enjoyed. a preparation for a greater cause - to be happy! but most people are just considering what money they can acquire after studying and landing in a job. not knowing that they are already manipulated by their physical needs. they take pride with the way they can spend (which i guesss is not a sin anyway). they get angry wasting (?) some unworthy things - some things that are not of greater value, the sometimes connoted as walang kwenta. but did they even thought that these they call walang kwenta are the things that make people happy? yeah, happiness is quite hard to find - but this is just for people who are blinded by hatred, perfection, envy, etc. happiness is simple! it's just a way of life - a way of appreciating things and being positive. life is a choice. it's not all about chances! later on people will realize these things when things are quite late - when they don't have lots of time to spend their lives happily...
i realized that being in a relationship is really a responsibility. a responsibility that is nurtured by pride, control, determination, and sacrifice... everything in a relationship is a choice. including the love that sustains it. why? love is a choice! yeah! if someone stops loving, it's his choice. because he fails to sustain it. and sustaining means being well-disciplined about many things. (and that includes paralyzing your senses when captain temptation arrives. i guess i am talking at quite a distant now, with a number of people might not reach. but these things i utter are those of greater importance - things that are needed to be realized by loving people. perhaps i could develop a much greater explanation of these on a new blog... (kasi sa totoo lang, tinatamad na ko... hehehehe)

Friday, December 02, 2005



It's really a long long time ago since i posted here... I had a very busy schedule kasi... and I can't find that perfect time to write and publish it here...

I am now 21!!! Whew! Congratulations to me! hehehe... I guess with this age, I will be more mature in handling things... (well, sana!)
And I am quite excited of being in the corporate world... It's only months now and I will be a true citizen of this country because I will be one of those job-craving people, and a fresh-grad at that! Whew!

I really want to write longer. But it seemed my hands are now tired of typing... hehehe....

'Til next post!!!