Wednesday, October 15, 2008

cracking my nails...

its funny how people scramble around and agonize for the things they fail to achieve. there are times that i reflect on this. could it be because we did not organize things? or is it because there is really somebody to blame? The first is a broad dome to deal with, while the latter, ambiguous - to whom will it be pointed.

in my premise, i would like to think that blaming somebody for not accomplishing a task crosses the line of being in a team. accepting mistakes is a more appropriate light. i am not a fan of it is because of his/her fault belief. that thing is a mere reason to escape - be free from being responsible for the failure. a brave man with a team spirit in him will stand for it and take responsibility for whatever outcome it has gone through. then act and think of the best reason to solve it. solutions for problems are endless. we just need to hit bull's eye.

prevention is better than cure - that is the ideology of doctors. and i think almost everybody agrees to this. organizing things helps ease out the pain of what the future will and might bring. as for me, suppose, i will be sailing into the sea, i will do a check list of the things that i should bring, what should i expect, including safety gears just in case something will come up. it will also include me thinking what's the worst thing that could happen. i may not know the very worst thing. but all i know is right before i sail, i will be able to think of all the craziest and nastiest things that the ocean will bring forth, because it is my life that is at stake. i believe that whatever things i may encounter, even if i was not able to anticipate it on the things that i have in mind before i went off and get lost in the ocean, solving it will not be a very much pain in the ass because i have a wider scope of anticipation, therefore, was able to have tools that can gear me up for anything... afterall, it is my life that is at stake. my life, my happiness, and my loved one's happiness...

in life, for every undertaking that we face, whether, it is of great deal or just something that we handle everyday, I think putting your all and preparing for it in the manner that you are scrutinizing every little detail of, will surely follow the path that prevention is better than cure ideology is stating.


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