Wednesday, October 29, 2008

life after college

I received a message from a friend. It is really odd, if you are on your day to day basis. These are the questions:

Kuya mahirap ba pagkatapos ng college? Pano nagbago buhay? Maypinagkakagastusan ba kayo? Nakikialam ba family mo?

Kuya, is it hard after college? How did it change your life? How about your expenses?
Does your family involve themselves? (I don’t know if my English translation is the best translation… ehehheeh)

Well, the above questions, as I presume it, are really interesting. And I haven’t reflected on this yet. I mean, not specifically.

Life after college is a little tough but really different from your college ways. In my experience, I did not really find it hard when I was searching for a job. I found it really enjoyable. I mean, job hunting is one the most exciting experience that I had so far. Presenting yourself in the best possible way you can and actually measuring what you have gained from you college – it takes a little toil, but pays a lot when you get pretty good feedbacks. Now that I am already working, I can say that the only difference from my college days is that, I don’t really hold my time anymore. I cannot just don’t go to work because I just wanted to. Responsibility is slowly imposed on you because that is what is expected – you being a responsible individual.

My expenses are getting off hand most of the time. I think it is because I am so much enjoying spending for myself because I have not done that before. And it is very rewarding looking at the pieces of what you have perspired for. It is something to be proud of. Although, like what I said, budgeting for me is my worst talent. But it still gets me along from day to day.

I have the most wonderful family in the whole world. They provide me with a very reasonable way of letting me row for my own boat. They always tell me that I would just need to go whatever that makes me happy, and they will always be there to support me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ai kuya... thanks for the response...
keep sharing your thoughts... mac mac eto

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