Wednesday, May 09, 2007

when it rain... it pours

yeah, i am a believer of it now. it has been already what? more than a month, since i left my previous job. i was saddened by that experience. but i have to move in and find a greener pasteur (if I can), since my previous company is hard to be levelled.

so, i searched for a new job. it took me more than a month to find one! and i can say that i never wanted anything as intense as this ever in my life! from the moment i was set for the final interview (the interviewer flew all the way from Silicon Valley in California just to conduct the final interview). i was so elated knowing that i was included in the final list wherein hundreds have been interviewed. i was even more moved and ecstatic when i learned that i was included in the final team!!! and we were just less than ten! whew! i was blown away by all of these!!!

i never expected something like this! it's as if it's too good to be true. sometimes, god gives blessings in a manner we wont really expect...

im proud of myself! im proud of me!!!