Wednesday, August 08, 2007

one bad rainy trip...

i was not able to get a good sleep last night, err, morning (i must say, because i slept around pass 12 midnight). jeez! i almost got my bed soaked in the rain. yeah. it was like pass 2 in the morning and i was awakened by a dream. in my dream i was taking a shower. when i opened my eyes, i was really literally having a shower(well it was not as if i was soaked and frantically showered with rain water). I then realized that i was not able to close the window. whew! i was so sleepy then that i thought i could bear it. but after a couple of seconds, the mad rain awakened me fully. why? it is because the wind blew so hard that the water rain splashes directly on my face!

yeah! i had a bad sleep.

that prelude is kinda long. now, the reason for this blog starts now!

come morning, we went out to go to the city hall to fix something (i dont want to blab about it here). and oh boy! the skies are like in a contest on who will discharge the most number of liters of pee! roads are like hell! water is no puddle! flood is the exact term! we had no choice then but take a different route.

as we were in our adventure on our new route, skies' pees is inevitable. although it is better than that in our original route (never the less someone considers flood better than puddle), still, it's uncomfortable. walking in puddles are no problem with me. it's just that puddles here in the city are not friendly. i mean it is like soaking your feet in 10 gallons of water with a poop , mud, trash in it. that is the feeling. i don't know if i am just so sceptic about it. but dont imagine me like i was really nauseaus about it. i was not really comfortable walking in it.

i guess this only shows that the local government in the Philippines is still lacking ways in solving problems. it's as if they don't have eyes to see the problems. i am no politics expert, or a civil engineer. but one thing's for sure. i can see a problem. and if i am someone in the position, i will make an action about it. not that i am saying nobody in the government cares. it's just that they don't act fast. the government had years to think on solutions and the whole summer to actuate those solutions.

government, politics? nah! i don't want to talk about it anymore. blabbing here about these stuff will not solve the problem, nor will their (politicians) attention be caught... i'll just stick with the title... I HAD ONE BAD RAINY TRIP