Thursday, December 18, 2008

phone etiquette

in my experience of doing hundreds of phone calls, i came to realize that even at this age where people uses phones to communicate every now and then, there are still some, or if i may say, many, that doesn't know phone ethics. some people i may say doesn't even know how to respect the people they are conversing with in a telephone conversation.

it gets into my nerves every time i phone an office (schools, industries, government offices) when the one who receives the call doesn't know how to answer politely. A simple hello with a polite sound will do. But hey, people still don't do it. Sad. Irritating. Then, as the conversation flows, hell, i met numerous people that usually cuts you even as you speak. They are always in a hurry without really understanding what you wanted to say. Some even drops the line without waiting for your affirmation. Even some transfers you to some department without telling you what department it is and when you reached that department, and of course you will ask what department it is, some will even hang up on you. Whew! What a blast! I just hope receiving and having these kind of calls will be lessened...

Phone ethics people! Have you heard of it?