Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I really am a superman addict... Although im not that good in informations, I really love collecting superman stuffs.

Here are some of Superman informations...

The History of Kal - El
A.K.A. Superman

Young Kal-El was just over a year old, when his father, Jor-El (Great Kryptonian scientist) discovered that Krypton was no longer a stable planet, as evidenced by the planet-wide earthquakes. In typical science fiction fashion, the elders on the planet laughed him off.
Jor-El's plan was to revive the old Kryptonian Space Program, and move to another planet, most likely Earth. Apparently, his hobby was small-rocket-building, and he had just enough time to build one big enough to send Lara, his wife, and Kal, his son off to Earth. She declined, of course, because she felt without her extra weight, the rocket would have had a better chance to reach Earth. With a simple "Goodbye" and wish of "Good Luck", the small rocket took off for Earth as Krypton crumbled.

Editor's note: Every mother I've asked has said that she would have gone off with the only child!


Baby Kal-El was in the rocket ship for about a year, and was just under three years old when the ship crashed near a roadside in Kansas, USA. Jonathan and Martha Kent happened to be diving by, and saw the crash. Bring the good hearted American souls they were, they went to see if they could help. Being an avid sci-fi reader, Jonathon even guessed that the craft was extra-terrestrial.
They rescued the small child inside, and put the rocket on the back of their truck. They left the child at the orphanage, and indicated that they wanted to keep him. They passed the requirements, and named the baby Clark, after Martha's Maiden name. His full name is Clark Jerome Kent.

Another Editor's note: There have been rumors that the baby performed all kinds of super-stunts, but most accounts state that Clark's super-powers didn't appear until in his teens.


Editor's note, part III: At this point there is a clear difference in the "Modern Era" story and the "Golden Era Story", although both end in a similar fashion....

The "Golden Age Story"....

Martha passed away from an undisclosed disease when Clark was a young teenager. His powers were really developing at this time, and he became Superboy shortly before her death. Krypto was his super-powered pet. Schoolmate (and girlfriend) Lana Lang saw that Clark was Superboy, but kept his secret safe.
Jonathan Kent passed away from the same disease as Martha, still undisclosed, and called upon Clark to use his powers for the whole world. Clark then went off to The Big Apricot, Metropolis, and ended his career as Superboy.
Thus, Superman was born.

Editor's note: There is also a version where both had passed away soon after he went to Metropolis. This is one reason why the various stories of Superman were later explained in DC's Crisis On Infinite Earths. It turns out that there were many Supermen, from different timelines. Today, the modern early history is defined by the John Byrne mini-series, Superman: The Man of Steel.
The "Modern Age Story"..

Kal arrived on Earth in the same way, but as an infant. He displayed no unusual powers or abilities. As he grew, young Clark Kent was an extraordinary athlete. When he started showing the extra-ordinary powers, his parents told him the whole story. Shortly afterwards, he went to Metropolis.
Without a costume, or secret identity, he saved a "Space Plane", and was called a "Mysterious Superman" by Lois Lane in his first press story. In his confusion over the incident, he went home to the Kents, and came up with the whole secret identity and costume, which is made from some handy items from his Kryptonian rocket.
Upon his return to Metropolis, he gets a job at a great metropolitan newspaper, The Daily Planet, and begins his successful careers as both Clark Kent and Superman.

Some Superman movie pictures...

the first superman movie(1978)...
entitled Superman
Christopher Reeve - Clark Kent
Margot Kidder - Lois Lane

Superman II
Christopher Reeve - Clark Kent
Margot Kidder - Lois Lane

Superman III
Christopher Reeve - Clark Kent
Margot Kidder - Lois Lane
Anette O'Tool - Lana Lang

Anette O'Tool - Lana Lang

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
Christopher Reeve - Clark Kent
Margot Kidder - Lois Lane

Thursday, May 05, 2005

he is the new superman!!!

the new superman!

and she...

the new LOIS Lane!!!
she's hot!!!!

read me!!!

this entry in one of my emails has touched me... hope you can find time reading this!!!

> Subject: Pure and Innocent Love
> hello, this is quite a touching story. please take some time to read
> this.... have a nice day :)
> "Andoy"
> Somewhere in Milaor, Camarines Sur, there lived a fourth grader boy
> would follow this route to
> school everyday:
> He has to cross the rugged plains and cross the dangerous highway
> vehicles are recklessly
> driving to and from. Once passed this highway, the boy would take a
> short cut by passing by the Church every morning just to say Hi to
> and faithfully say his, "Magandang umaga po" in Bicol dialect.
> He was faithfully being watched by a Priest who was happy to find
> innocence so uplifting in the morning, "Kamusta Andoy! Papasok ka
> "Opo padre... " he would flash his innocent grin, the priest would be
> touched.
> The priest was so concerned that one day he talked to Andoy, "From
> school...", he advised "Do not cross the highway, you can pass
> Church and I can accompany you to the other side of the road... that
> I can see that you are home safe ...."
> "Thank you father ..."
> "Why don't you go home ... why do you stay in this Church right after
> school?"
> "I just want to say "Hi" to my friend, God," and the priest would
> the boy to spend time beside
> the altar, talking by himself, but he was hiding behind the altar to
> listen to what this boy has to say
> to his heavenly FATHER.
> "You know my math exam was pretty bad today, but I did not cheat -
> although my seatmate is bullying me for notes ... I ate one cracker
> drank my water, Itay had a bad season and all I can eat is this
> cracker. Thank you for this! I saw a poor kitten who was hungry and I
> know how he feels so I gave my
> last cracker to him ... funny but I am not that hungry ... Look, this
> my last pair of slippers ... I may
> have to walk barefooted next week ... you see this is about to be
> broken.. but it is okay ... at least I
> am still going to school ... some says we will have a hard season
> month, some of my classmates have already stopped going to school ...
> please help them get to school again, please God? ... Oh, you know,
> had hit me again, it is painful, but I know this pain will pass away,
> least I still have
> a mother ... God, you want to see my bruises? I know you can heal
> ...here... here and ....
> Oh ... blood ... I guess you knew about this one huh? Please don't be
> at Inay, she is just tired
> and she worries for the food in our table and my schooling that is
> she hits us ... Oh, I think I
> am in love ... there's this pretty girl in my class, her name is
> ... do you think she will like me?
> Anyway, at least I know you will always like me, I don't have to be
> anybody just to please you, you are
> my very best friend! Hey your birthday is two months from now!!!
> you excited? I am! wait till you
> see, I have a gift for you .... but it is a surprise! I hope you will
> like it! Oooops, I have to go ..."
> then he stood up and calls out, "Padre, padre, I am finished talking
> my friend .. you can
> accompany me to the other side of the road now"
> This routine happens everyday. Andoy never fails. Father Agaton
> this every Sunday to the people in his church because he has not seen
> very pure faith and trust in God, a very positive look at
> negative situations.
> One Christmas day, Father Agaton was sick so he could not make it in
> Church, he was sent to the
> hospital. The Church was left to 4 manangs who would chant the rosary
> 1000 miles per hour, would not smile and would always find fault in
> you do, they are also very well versed in cursing if you irritate
> They were kneeling, saying their kilometric rosary when Andoy, coming
> from his Christmas party, playfully dashed in, "Hello God!!!!! I "
> P----!!!!! (a curse) Bata ka!!!! Alam mo nang may
> nagdadasal!!!!!Alis!!!!!"
> Poor Andoy was so terrified, "where's Father Agaton? He is supposed
> help me cross the street .... and to be able to cross the street I
> have to pass by the back door of this church ... not only that, I
> greet Jesus-it is His birthday, I have a gift right here ...." just
> was about to get the gift out of his shirt, the manang pulled his
> and threw him out of the church.
> "Susmaryosep!!! (does a sign of the cross fervently) Alis kang bata
> kung hindi matatamaan ka!!!
> So the boy had no choice but to cross the dangerous side of the road
> front of the church. He crossed. A fast moving bus came in. There was
> blind curve. The boy was protecting his gift inside his shirt, so he
> was not looking. There was so little time. Andoy died on the spot. A
> of people crowded the poor boy, the body of a lifeless young boy...
> Suddenly, out of nowhere a tall man in pure white shirt and pants, a
> so mild and gentle, but with eyes full of tears... He came and
> the boy in His arms, He was crying. Curious bystanders nudged the man
> white, and asked, "excuse me sir, are you related to this child? Do
> know this child?" The man in white, His face mourning and in agony,
> lifted up and answered, "He was my bestfriend ... " was all he said.
> He took the badly wrapped gift in the bloody chest of the lifeless
> and placed it near His heart. He
> stood up and carried the boy away and they both disappeared in sight.
> The crowd was curious...
> The next day, Father Agaton learned of the shocking news. He visited
> house, and wanted to verify
> about the man in white. He consulted the parents of Andoy. "How did
> know that your son died?"
> "A man in white brought him here." sobbed the mother. "What did he
> The father answered, "He did not say anything. He was mourning. We do
> know him and yet he was very
> lonely at our son's death, as if he knew our son very well. But there
> something peaceful and
> unexplainable about him. He gave me my son, and then he smiled
> He rubbed my son's hair away from his face and kissed him on his
> forehead, then he whispered something ..."
> "What did he say?" "He said to my boy ..." the father began, "Thank
> for the gift ... I will see you soon... you will be with me ..." and
> father of the boy continued, "and you know for a while, it felt so
> wonderful... I cried, but I do not know why .... all I know is I
> in tears of joy ... I could not explain it father, but when that man
> left, something peaceful came over me, I felt a deep sense of love
> inside... I could not explain the joy in my heart, I knew my boy is
> heaven now ... but ... tell me father, who is this man that my son
> to everyday in your church, you should know because you are always
> there... except on the time of his death ..."
> Father Agaton suddenly felt the tears welling in his eyes, with
> trembling knees, he murmured," ... He
> was talking to no one .... but ....GOD...."
> If you love this story, pls. pass this on to your friends, i just
> Take Care...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

i guess... pork and other meats are really not for me!!!

gosh!!! Now i came to a point where i don't want to eat pork again!!! But i know i will suffer (a lot at that!). You know why??? Andami kong di pwedeng kainin!!! It's been two years now since i stopped eating meat (but not chicken and fish!kasi halos wala na ko pwedeng kainin... tsaka fav ko ang chicken...)

Last two days, i tried eating pork barbeque... because i want meats in my system again... So i tried one stick. but then, i weren't able to feel the night and my rest! I weren't able to sleep till dawn! Whew! I was half awake because I can feel something aching in my stomach! I dunno if its just in my mind... But come morning, i still feel it! 4 times nga akong nag-poo-poo!!! i was thinking of going to the doctor nga e... pero di muna... inobserve ko muna kung ano ba talaga nangyayari...
Then i realized, baka di ako natunawan. Feeling ko nabigla ako. Kasi 2 years na kong di kumakain ng malaki-laking amount ng meat. Siguro nga nabigla tiyan ko... And God! I thought I will be hospitalized again!!!

Maybe next time... Konti-konti na munang meat ang kakainin ko... Siguro mga tig-isang cube muna... (ung maliliit lang...) hehehe.

Parang sawa na kasi ako maging semi- vegetarian e!!!

definitely not for me this time!!!